Interactive lesson “Holodomor: grains of hope” for children of primary school age (6-10 years)

Educational projects 19 December 2016

Interactive lesson “Holodomor: grains of hope”
For children of primary school age (6 – 10 years).
Duration – 45 min.

The theme of Holodomor is difficult to understand for children of younger classes. Parents and teachers warning to visit “Holodomor victims’ Memorial” through fear of stereotypical stories about the horrors that took place during the genocide of the Ukrainian people. In 2015, the “Holodomor victims’ Memorial” present a lesson for students of primary school “Holodomor: grains of hope”.

Lesson is basis on the world experience using interactive teaching methods. It takes into account the peculiarities of psychology and recommendations leading professional psychologists on topics of teaching students about difficult historical periods, including the massacre.

During the interactive lesson at the Museum, children learn to empathize, sympathize with trouble of someone else. For younger students it is very important emotional perception. Children listen and discuss videos, memories of survivors of Holodomor in childhood. During the lesson, the children play games “Rid children.” During the game will learn about the basic concepts related to the Holodomor.

National Museum “Holodomor victims’ Memorial” carries out interactive lesson “Holodomor: grains of Hope” on a regular basis in the museum.