A memorial badge with ears of grain

Workshop for creating a memorial badge

27 September 2018

Audience: children 10–15 years old

The workshop lasts for 50 minutes

The workshop consists of a theoretical and practical part. First, participants will listen to a brief lecture about the origins of the Holodomor victims commemorating tradition on the fourth Saturday of November. The story bega n in 1933, when the commemoration of millions of Ukrainians killed by famine took place only abroad and was strictly forbidden in Ukraine. Children will hear about the first ceremonies of the Holodomor genocide victims commemorating in independent Ukraine, as well as the morurning events which are held nowadays.

During the second part of the master class, students create a badge in memory of their visit to the museum.

To register for the workshop, please call (044) 254-45-11.

The workshop costs 80 UAH for a group of up to 5 people, 160 UAH for a group of up to 12 people, 230 UAH for a group of 13 to 20 people. The participants must also buy entrance tickets to the museum.