Фото частини музейного комлексу зі скульптурами дівчинки та символу свічки

The staff at National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide


  • Acting Director General – Lesia Hasydzhak
  • Deputy Director General – Sviatoslav Vovkun
  • Deputy Director General – Hanna Sokyrina
  • Chief custodian of funds – Maryna Pryn
  • The chief engineer – Oleksandr Voytenko
  • The chief energy engineer – Serhii Brychnyk
  • Assistant to the Director General (for mass media relations) – Lesia Klymenko
  • Assistant to the Director General (for organizational issues) – Anna Tkach

Exposition and exhibition department

Excursion and educational department

Information and publishing department

Department of Museum Collections

Holodomor oral history department

Holodomor and  Mass Man-Made Famine Research Department

Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Research Department

Museum maintenance and service department

Accounting Department

Sector of HR, Military Records, and Office Work

Legal sector