Стиснуті робочі руки

Partnership between state and society

Museum sphere in Ukraine in the 19th century developed due to Ukrainian philantropists. Families of Khanenko, Tereshchenko, Halahan, Tarnovskyi and Lyzohub invested into culture, education and science. They did not simply expand their businesses, but also maintained schools and orphanages, gave sholarships to the researchers, invested into artistic and historical collections whicn later became the basis for the largest contemporary Ukrainian museums. Despite their names were forgotten by the communist authorities for decades, now the contribution of Ukrainian benefactors is undoubtedly and worthily appreciated.

In the 21st century, world culture is also developing owing to the leaders who support the artists and museums by endowments and creating of charitable institutions. For example, during a few years, Contemporaty Arts Museum in Houston, USA, collected $450 million for recreational zone; the square in front of Metropolitan Museum in London will be always named after David Koch, who provided $65 million to the museum; those who are interested into ancient world culture have already collected $150 million for creating Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

In order to construct the Holodomor Museum, which will have educational, practical, reseach, commemorative and artistic functions, more than $60 million from society is planned to be raised. Implemeptation of the Project would be possible only if the partnership between Ukrainian state, which sponsors construction of the building itself, and benefactors, whose contributions are aimed for creation and realization of exhibition project, is effective.

Together with creating of International Charitable Foundation for Development of Holodomor Victims Memorial, the fundraising campaign for the Holodomor Museum started. Full-scale revitalization of charity traditions in museum sphere is topical.