Printscreen of adapted website.

Updated museum site

23 October 2020

The Holodomor Museum team has adapted its official website to international standards. We want to tell how it has changed since the adaptation.

While implementing the project “Accessible site—accessible museum”, which was supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, we tried to take into account the interests of our entire audience. The updated design of the site meets the international standards of web accessibility WCAG.

  • Users can now change the color scheme and font size as they wish, which makes it easier for visually impaired people to access content.
  • For blind site visitors, alternative text and descriptions of historical photos have been added to the images, and all pages and links to the site have become available to screen readers. The archive of documents on the Holodomor mechanism, which have the format of images, will also be supplemented with text transcripts.
  • We facilitated site navigation for people with musculoskeletal disorders—the page can be found using the keyboard without using the mouse.
  • Parallel pages written in simplified language are created for people with mental disorders.
  • We plan to place an audio tour for the blind and a video tour translated into the sign language.

Nowadays, everyone can easily find the information about the history of the Holodomor, the museum’s activities and its educational programs on our website!