Curatorial tour of the exhibition “INTENT”

15 February 2024

On February 24, the second anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, a curatorial tour of the exhibition “INTENT” will be held at the Holodomor Museum. Yana Hrynko, head of the exposition and exhibition department, will lead the tour. “We will remember living through these two years and the crimes we witnessed. We will recall living through these two years and the crimes we witnessed.

“The Holodomor caused great trauma to the Ukrainian people. Which to some extent influenced our perception of the anti-Ukrainian rhetoric that Russia has been conducting for decades. At the beginning of the journey of restoring the historical truth about the Holodomor, we were careful to call a spade a spade, looking back at Moscow’s reaction. But things have changed over the past ten years, especially since the large-scale invasion. What will we see if we look at the actions of the Russian Federation against Ukraine through the prism of the history of the Holodomor? I suggest talking about it during the curatorial tour of the “INTENT” exhibition,” Yana Hrynko says.

When: 24th of February 3:00 p.m.
Where: Hall of Memory of the Holodomor Museum (3 Lavrska Street, Arsenalna metro station).

Fee: UAH 85 per person, for students and pensioners – UAH 75.

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