“Holodomor: My History” Campaign

14 November 2019

The Holodomor is not a page in the textbook or the distant past.
This is a part of every Ukrainian family’s history. History of your grandparents.
A painful story to tell. History of cruel crime and human indestructibility.

It happened 86 years ago. It took the lives of 7 million Ukrainians. National memory remains to this day. Alive. Indestructible.

Explore your own family stories and share them with the hashtag #Holodomor_MyHistory. This indefinite action, which will later grow into a publicly available archive, is necessary so that no detail of this terrible crime is lost. The world must hear.

Come to the Holodomor Museum on November 23 at 4:00 PM. Light a candle on the windowsill. Remember.


Holodomor Museum.