Witness Zhenia

  • Country: Україна
  • Producer: Сергій Заболотний
  • Timing: 36:22

The movie Witness Zhenia is based on the book Our Soul Does not Die by Eugenia Sakevych-Dallas. It describes the real events and horrors of the terrible years of the Holodomor. The movie plolt is the story of the author of the book, who as a girl survived this planned tragedy, suffered irreparable losses, witnessed the genocide of her nation. The message of the authors is that the world should know the historical truth about the Holodomor in Ukraine.

Directed by Serhii Zabolotnyi

Scriptwriter Ihor Kobryn

Cameraman Dmytro Pysanyi

Editing director Kostiantyn Kapitanchuk

Sound director Hanna Maliienko

Text behind the scenes by Ada Rogovtseva

Music by Ihor Solomatin

Produced by Eugenia Sakevych-Dallas

Supported by DAR Charitable Foundation.