103-year-old Liubov Yarosh received a Certificate of Gratitude from the Holodomor Museum

18 August 2023

On Friday, August 18, we visited 103-year-old Liubov Yarosh from the village of Khodorkiv in the Zhytomyr region. We congratulated her on her recent birthday and presented her Gratitude from the Museum for cooperation, preservation of national memory and volunteer work.

“The National Museum of the Holodomor-genocide expresses its sincere gratitude to Liubov Hryhorivna YAROSH and her family for cooperation, preservation of historical memory and spreading the truth about the Holodomor, as well as for the active life position and assistance for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Remembering the past – we preserve the history of Ukraine! By helping the army, we are bringing Victory closer!” – says the text of the Gratitude.

We met Liubov Hryhorivna with her daughters Halyna and Valentyna while they were working: the women had already completed the 29th kikimora, which will be handed over to the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Volunteers joined the Ukrainian military in August of last year, that is exactly one year ago. During this time, they wove almost three dozen kikimoras, including one especially large one — for masking the equipment. The task of Mrs Liuba, who is no longer able to see very well, is to untie burlap into threads, and her daughters weave them into a net, the basis of the future kikimora.

In addition, 103-year-old Liubov Hryhorivna, as a witness of the Holodomor, often meets with journalists, including foreign ones, and talks about the genocide her family experienced in 1932-1933. Reporters of “German Wave”, CNN, Japanese and Italian television have already visited Mrs Liuba. Each such story is our voice of truth abroad about the Holodomor genocide, which was silenced by the Soviet Union for many years. It allows foreign citizens to understand the underlying causes of the current war better.

We are sincerely grateful to Mrs Liubov and her family for understanding this crucial mission, for an active lifestyle and for volunteer work!

We say goodbye to Mrs Liuba, and want to meet her another year. “We will meet. The main thing is, children, that this war ends. To live to see Victory is my big dream,” says the woman, whose three grandchildren are also defending Ukraine.

Let it come true, Mrs Liuba!

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