And the memory will come alive again: we collect letters to editors and memories of witnesses of the Holodomor, recorded by journalists

16 April 2024

We are appealing to the media and journalists: The Holodomor Museum announces a large collection of evidence about the Holodomor, which was recorded by media workers in different years.

Most journalists, at least once in their lives, had to record the memories of a Holodomor witness. But, as you know, the life of a story or a newspaper issue is short because tomorrow, new topics and materials will be relevant. However, for history, the recorded evidence will not lose its value even after many years, and the main thing is to collect these materials in one place. Our museum is just such a place where memories of the oral history of the Holodomor accumulate.

Regretfully, every year, the number of eyewitnesses to that tragedy is decreasing. Possibly, most of the heroes of such TV, radio and newspaper materials have also passed away. But it is crucial that they left their confessions about what they experienced, and you recorded them.

Returning the truth about the Holodomor, we must preserve every memory, every testimony about those times. In particular, from those whom we will never ask again.

Consequently, we appeal to journalists and Ukrainian mass media: please look through your archives – perhaps there are still records with these bitter and painful memories. Please look at newspaper binders, and TV and radio broadcasts, find their stories and hand them over to the Holodomor Museum. Everything is crucial – working materials (transcripts), photos, audio and video recordings or materials that were prepared, based on them.

Also, letters in which the Holodomor witnesses expressed their pain, can still be kept in the letter departments of editorial offices. Those letters are priceless because they were written by the very eyewitnesses to those events! Please find them and send them to us!

We also appeal to relatives whose grandparents, who survived the Holodomor genocide, were recorded by journalists. If you have publications in which your relatives were the heroes, please donate them to the museum – so the dramatic story of your ancestors will forever be preserved for history.

If you are ready to share such materials, please write to us at [email protected] or in private messages on social networks. We are looking forward to your feedback!