Congratulations on the bright Resurrection of Christ

24 April 2022

Dear friends!

As we are meeting the bright resurrection of Christ, we are waiting for a miracle today as never before. We believe that the forces of darkness will disappear from our land, and light, peace, and the truth will return to our long-suffering Ukraine. We understand that the miracle we are waiting for today is being created by real people – our defenders, volunteers, diplomats, the entire international community, which supports Ukraine in these difficult days. We pray for every one and thank everyone.

At the same time, we pray for those who are no longer around, whose lives were suddenly cut short by the war. They are our guardian angels, our warriors of light, who hold the sky over Ukraine, which is still torn by explosions.

Today, the bright resurrection of Christ is a special symbol for us, a hope for the resurrection of wounded and destroyed Ukraine, the victory of good over evil, truth over injustice. We are strong enough not to break; we have enough faith in our strength and victory. Since the truth and God are behind us!

A quiet and cozy holiday for all of us!

Christ is Risen!