Congratulations to all Ukrainians on the 26th anniversary of Independence!

23 August 2017

We want to announce that on August 24 the entrance to the “Holodomor Victims Memorial” is free of charge!

At this difficult time of struggle for our own country, the right to be the master on our own land, we must remember that only in the independent and democratic Ukraine the physical and spiritual freedoms of citizens can be guaranteed. In 1932-1933 the Soviet authority killed approximately 7 million Ukrainians. In the genocide against the part of Ukrainian nation Stalin saw the tool of keeping Ukraine under Moscow’s control.

Nowadays, those who deny the Holodomor are trying to keep us in their sphere of influence by the mean of war. But today we are unbending in the struggle for Ukraine’s independence!

Our task is not to repeat the mistakes that led to such terrible consequences as the Holodomor. Let’s be united and certain in our desires to create a strong and truly independent Ukrainian state! And let’s remember that an independent Ukrainian state was a dream for 7 million Ukrainians who were killed in 1932-1933.