ePidtrymka in the Holodomor Museum: how to use it

20 December 2021

You can use the card ePidtrymka in the Holodomor Museum by making a card payment directly at the Museum’s box office via the payment terminal. In particular, this way you can buy an entrance ticket, souvenirs or pay for a tour or educational activity.

Entrance ticket fee:

Adults: 30 UAH;

Students: UAH 20 (if you have a valid student ticket);

Retired:(by age): 20 UAH (if you have a retired certificate);

Pupils: 15 UAH (if you have a pupil ticket).

Tour fee:

in the state language (up to 5 people): 140 UAH; 

in the state language (from 5 to 12 people): 340 UAH; 

in the state language (from 12 to 20 people): 570 UAH;

in a foreign language (English, Russian): 680 UAH.

Lessons and workshops:

interactive tour “Hideaway” (for 6-12 years);

educational master-class «Let’s not extinguish a candle of memory” (for 5-12 years old);

educational lesson “Looking at history through photos” (for 5-8 grades);

interactive lesson “How to distinguish between fake and truth in the media” (10-11 grades of high school and first-year university students);

interactive lesson “History of one diary” (for grades 9-11);

interactive lesson “Genocide – what is it?” (for grades 9-11);

training “In search of law” (for 10-14 years).

It is important to visit the Museum because payment via the website will not work.

ePidtrymka is a one-time state payment of UAH 1,000 for Ukrainians who have a “green” vaccination certificate.

You can find out how to get paid here: https://e-aid.diia.gov.ua/