Free online classes and video tour of the Holodomor Museum

10 May 2022


Hurry up to register for free online classes and a video tour of the Holodomor Museum.

Despite Russia’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine, the Holodomor Museum continues its mission to promote knowledge of human rights, countering Putin’s propaganda about our history, explaining the origins of Ukraine-hating policy, and spreading the truth about the crimes of the communist totalitarian regime.

Traditionally, our educational team for the International Museum Day (May 18) offers to join free classes or video tours in an online format, which allows you to join from any corner of Ukraine and the world.

This year, the theme of the Holodomor genocide is especially relevant because the Russians are still trying to implement the scenarios of the 1930s.

Sign up for educational classes or video tours by choosing a convenient time and date for you – https: //