Happy Independence Day of Ukraine!

24 August 2023

Dear friends!

Today, the main holiday in the life of Ukraine is Independence Day.

Until recently, we could hear that independence came easily to Ukrainians. But this is not the case at all. Everyone, who has even a little interest in history, knows what price our ancestors paid for Ukraine’s right to be an independent and unitary state.

For a year and a half, our country has been fighting for the right to exist in the conditions of a war unprecedented in its cruelty and scale in the 21st century. The invaders who want to seize our lands and destroy Ukrainians as a nation cannot accept that Ukraine can be a really independent and successful state in the heart of Europe. Thanks to the Armed Forces, we preserved our statehood and independence and became a shield for Europe and the whole world too, an example of courage and self-sacrifice.

On this day, we congratulate everyone involved in the declaration of independence of Ukraine, who built our common state over the past 32 years. Congratulations to everyone, thanks to who Ukraine is and will be.

Victory to all of us!

Happy Independence Day, Ukraine!