International Scientific and Practical Conference to the 100th Annivesary of Mass Artificial Famine of 1921–1923 (September 30, 2021)

1 February 2021

Ministry of Culture and Informational Policy of Ukraine

National Museum of the Holodomor Genocide

Holodomor Research Institute

Branch State Archives of Security Service od Ukraine

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Kamianets-Podilskyi National Ivan Ohiienko University

Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University

V. I. Vernadsky Taurida National University

Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy

Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University

Kherson State University

Vinnytsia Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi State Pedagogical University

Vinnytsia Academy of Continuing Education

Research Institute of Ukrainian Studies of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

University of Opole (Poland)

Ukrainian Holodomor Genocide Foundation (Chicago, USA)

Ukrainian World Congress
Vasyl Stus All-Ukrainian Human Rights Organization “Memorial”

International Association of Holodomor Genocide Researchers


Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in International Scientific and Practical Conference  “Mass Artificial Famine of 1921–1923”, devoted to the 100th anniversary of the event.

September 30, 2021 (10 a.m.)

 Topics planned for discussion at the conference:

  • Preconditions and process of mass artificial famine of 1921–1923 in Ukraine. Preconditions and process of mass artificial famine of 1921–1923 in Crimea.
  • Social, economic, political, demographic, moral and psychological effects of the mass artificial famine of 1921–1923 in Ukraine.
  • Resistance of Ukrainians to the repressive actions of the communist totalitarian regime.
  • Remembrance of mass artificial famine of 1921–1923 in Ukraine: scholar research and instrumentalization in politics.

 Deadline for submission: September 1, 2021

Organizational committee plans to publish the conference proceedings and receives the reports up to seven A4 pages as printed copies or to email ([email protected], [email protected]):

– Times New Roman font;

– 14 font size; 1.5 line spacing; 1.25 paragraph indent; width alignment;

– margins: top and bottom – 20 mm, left – 30 mm, right – 15 mm;

– punctuation marks to be used in the text: hyphen „-“ without spaces and dash „–“ with spaces;

– abstract (in Ukrainian and English) and key words should be applied to the article;

– references should be given in footnotes;

– illustrations should be given in JPEG format in high resolution (at least 300 dpi);

– the references to the photos should be given in the text of the article, and the list of captions should be given additionally.


– Materials which do not meet the requirements will not be considered for publication.

– Author of the article is responsible for correctness, accuracy and reliability of the submitted material, for accurate citations and references.

– The materials will not be reviewed.