Lavro Nechyporenko’s novel “The 33rd Year” has become available in audio format

20 October 2023

Another exhibit from the museum funds became available to our visitors in audio format. The educational team of the Holodomor Museum offers to get acquainted with the shortened audio version of Lavro Nechyporenko’s autobiographical novel “The 33rd Year”.

The memories were transferred to the National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide in 2020 by the author’s son. For a long time, the work was considered lost, but fortunately, a copy of the manuscript was preserved in the home archive of the dissident poet Ivan Kovalenko’s family.

Our museum is preparing the text of the novel for publication, the printed version will preserve the author’s spelling and style, and add comments and a scientific preface.

When creating the audio version, we were primarily guided by the desire to acquaint the audience with the story of a person who witnessed many crimes of the communist regime of the Soviet Union, who themselves experienced repression, whose relatives were direct eyewitnesses of the Holodomor. The memoirs were written in the 1960s, but even then, Lavro Nechyporenko considered the actions of the communists as aimed at the destruction of Ukrainian culture, language, and identity, that is, as a crime of genocide.

We invite you to listen to the story of one year in the life of an ordinary Ukrainian:


Chapter I. “Enemies of the people”


Chapter II. All together. People

Halyna Holubieva prepared the text and edited the video, Tetiana Asieieva read the text.