One Big Team – One Big Project!

21 September 2019

On September 21, the Creative Lab for teens (11–15 year old) started its work at the Holodomor Museum. Together with the lecturers, during practical classes and documentary filmmaking sessions, participants will explore important steps of the history of the Ukrainian nation: from communism, disintegration, collectivization to the genocide of Ukrainians and the Holodomor Remembrance Day.

On Saturday, the teenagers divided the roles of photographer, historical expert, scientific consultant, and presenter, and found out what Ukraine was like 100 years ago.

During the 5 other sessions, they will study different periods and concepts of Ukrainian history while continuing to shoot the documentary, which is to be presented at the last lesson for parents, friends and guests of the museum.

Creative Lab is a project that helps to develop creativity, and logical, analytical and creative thinking.