Our Museum’s exhibition “Holodomor: Destruction of Identity” to open in Vilnius

16 November 2023

On 25 November, the Ukrainian community in Vilnius, together with the Ukrainian Center, will honour the memory of millions of Ukrainians who died as a result of the famine in Ukraine. The event will be held with the assistance of the Embassy of Ukraine in Lithuania.

The Holodomor Museum exhibition “Holodomor: Destruction of Identity” will be opened as part of the memorial service. The project tells about the goals of the communist regime to destroy Ukrainian culture, language, and identity as a whole and highlights meaningful and structured facts that are important for every citizen of the state to know.

The Ukrainian Centre invites Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine to come and join the events commemorating the Holodomor Remembrance Day.

“25 November is a time of support and common memory that unites us in the fight against aggression and injustice,” the Facebook page of the Ukrainian Centre emphasises.

Venue: Ukrainian centre, 31 T. Shevchenko str, Vilnius.

Remembrance Day program:

11:30 – exhibition of the National Museum of the Holodomor-genocide – “Holodomor: Destruction of Identity”

12:00 – the film “The Price of Truth” (it tells the story of a young journalist from Wales, Gareth Jones, who arrives in the 1930s in the USSR with the dream of interviewing Stalin. After seeing brutal repression, social disasters and famine in Ukraine , Gareth writes an article about the dark side of the Soviet utopia, which puts his life in danger).

14:00 – discussion club with Hanna Dovbach, topic “Holodomor. How do we feel the consequences now?”. The language is Ukrainian, if necessary, Ukrainian and Lithuanian.

14:15–15:15 – creative workshops by Ukrainian craftsmen

15:15 – creative performance “Prayer for Ukraine” by Natalia Didenko. We invite everyone to create their own angel, say the words of prayer for Ukraine in their thoughts or out loud, and add their paper angel to the wall symbolizing heaven. Angels are symbols of the souls who died as a result of the Holodomor and, at the same time, the winged defenders and the army of liberation.

4:00 p.m. – the performance will end with joining the All-Ukrainian minute of silence and the “Let’s light a candle of memory” initiative. Ukrainians at home and around the world will light memorial candles in their windows or near Holodomor memorials. Ukrainians in Lithuania are invited to do this together at the “Ukrainian Centre”.