The authors of the triptych “Genocide 1933” Taras and Yurii Honcharenko visited the Holodomor Museum

13 January 2023

Today, January 13, the authors of the triptych “Genocide 1933,” Taras and Yurii Honcharenko, visited the Holodomor Museum. As a reminder, this large-scale painting will be on display in the Hall of Memory of our Museum until February 26.

The artists told the story of the creation of this painting, which began in the Soviet Union in 1988. They shared what inspired them, very young artists: Yurii was 25 years old at the time of writing the work, and Taras – was 27; and how the name appeared (the Holodomor was just beginning to be talked about timidly at the time, and the Honcharenkos had already named their painting with the word “genocide”); and about technical difficulties which they face during the creation of the triptych, made in a complex technique that combines mosaic and painting.”

We used smalt from the stocks of Volodymyr Bondarenko, grandfather, who worked on the restoration of Saint Sophia of Kyiv, and the frame was made from… an ordinary cornice on which curtains are hung,” Yurii Honcharenko explained in detail.

“We are extremely pleased to see our work in the Holodomor Museum today,” Taras Honcharenko emphasized. – After all, the last time we saw it was about 15 years ago at the exhibition dedicated to the Holodomor, held in the Ukrainian House. At that time, the painting was in the private collection of the famous American collector Morgan Williams. We are glad it is at home today, and our fellow citizens can see it.”

Read the full interview with the Honcharenko brothers soon.

At the same time, we are inviting everyone who wants to see this large-scale painting in our Museum!