The Complicity of Russian religious organizations in the Crimes of Genocide: an interview with Historian Andrii Ivanets

8 May 2023

“The role of the Russian Orthodox Church in this war should be evaluated not only from a moral point of view, but also during the trials that will begin after the war. At the very least, the role of certain religious leaders who participated in the propaganda of an aggressive war should be evaluated from a legal point of view,” Andrii Ivanets, a leading researcher of the National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide, candidate of historical sciences, believes.

On Friday, May 5, our scientist became a guest of another program, “Politics and the World,” with Pavlo Hai-Nyzhnyk. During the conversation, Andrii Ivanets analyzed the attitude of “traditional” Russian religious organizations, including Orthodoxy, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism, to Russia’s genocidal war against Ukraine. The vast majority of them are involved in the process of justifying the necessity of the war against Ukraine, its sacralization, and the concealment of war crimes at a time when the world leaders of these religious trends openly condemned Russian aggression against Ukraine.

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