The Holodomor Museum participates in NEOsvitnii Arsenal

20 September 2023

On September 22, the Holodomor Museum will take part in the festival “NEOsvitnii Arsenal. Different together.”

The staff of the excursion and educational department will present the “Tree of Life” festival’s event program — a master class on making a family tree using the woodblock printing technique.

The history of each family is part of our common history. That is why our Museum offers a master class that will help you research the history of your family, look at family heirlooms and photos from your parents’ albums in a different way, and create a family tree using the ancient woodblock printing technique.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about the most valuable exhibits of our museum – family heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation for many years. Each of them preserves memories of people who lived many years ago and tells the story of a certain family.

The master class is held for families with children over 6 years old, teenagers and adults.

We are waiting for you on September 22 at 2 p.m., Workshop 3 venue.

The festival for kids and teenagers NEOsvitnii Arsenal is Mystetskyi Arsenal’s project which will take place for the third time. For the previous five years, the festival was held under the name Arsenal of Ideas.

Within the Arsenal’s walls four days long the festival gathers the representatives of more than 50 organizations, who conduct their activities in the field of culture and creative industry, in particular museum educators, to represent their museums’ educational programs. Integration of the arts, museums and cultural practices and education lies in the basis of activity of the festival’s participants — all the activities which promote development of creative thinking, research searchers, better understanding of themselves and the world through various museum, cultural and artistic experiences.

This year’s slogan of the festival is Different Together. It was formulated at the last NEOsvitnii Arsenal and perfectly reflects the goal of the event – to create a safe and inclusive space for learning, play and leisure for all children who will visit it, no matter how different their needs and interests are.

This year, the festival for children and teenagers, “NEOsvitnii Arsenal. Different together,” will be held on September 22-24.