The museum is outraged by the destruction of monuments to the Holodomor victims in the Kherson region

24 November 2023

Russian occupiers are demolishing monuments to the Holodomor victims in the Kherson region. This is reported by occupation resources. In particular, there is evidence of the destruction of monuments in Nova Kakhovka and the Oleshky community, which the occupiers call nothing else than the “Aloshkin District”.

The occupiers explain their actions by the fact that memorial signs to the victims of the Holodomor are just a tool for manipulating history, “artificially created to incite hatred towards the Russian Federation.”

“There is no talk of a war with monuments, there is only the dismantling of the symbol of disinformation,” writes one of the Russian sources. – Memorial signs to the victims of the “genocide famine” are installed in almost every settlement of the Alyoshki district – nothing more than a tool for manipulating history, artificially created to incite hatred towards Russia. According to historical sources, famine affected the southern regions of Russia and then the Soviet Union every few decades. The most affected by the famine was not Ukraine but Kazakhstan, the Volga region and the North Caucasus. The lands of Novorossiia, strewn with crosses and graves of “victims of the Holodomor,” are being cleansed of imposed “Ukrainian values.”

It will be recalled that earlier, in October 2022, the occupiers destroyed the monument to the Victims of the Holodomor of 1932-1933 and political repressions in Mariupol.

We should emphasise that the denial of the Holodomor has been a component of the historical policy of modern Russia for a long time. Manipulation of public opinion about the communist past is a crucial tool for the Russian authorities to attract new supporters of President Putin’s anti-Western political course. In addition, the deliberate silencing and distortion of the Holodomor history serves as one of the tools of the information war that the Russian Federation is waging against Ukraine. At the same time, over the last decade in Russia, there has been a moral rehabilitation of Joseph Stalin, to whom more than a hundred monuments have already been erected on the territory of the Russian Federation.

This policy of denying Stalin’s crimes, in particular the Holodomor genocide of Ukrainians in 1932-1933, mocking the memory of the victims distorting historical facts, ultimately led to open armed aggression against Ukraine, accompanied by numerous murders and violence against Ukrainian civilians.

We are outraged by the occupiers’ actions and appeal to law enforcement agencies to investigate these cynical crimes and identify all those involved in the destruction of monuments. We sincerely hope for a fair punishment for the participants of these acts of insulting the memory of millions of the Holodomor victims…