The museum received occupiers’ propaganda materials

23 June 2023

NTR journalist Bohdan Kinashchuk handed over the propaganda materials of the Russian occupiers to our museum. They were discovered in the liberated settlements of the Kharkiv region – Kupyansk and Mala Komyshuvakha during 2022-2023. These are textbooks on the history of Russia, the encyclopedia “Moscow”, as well as the propaganda press – the newspapers “Krasnaya Zvezda”, “Kharkov” and “Boevaya Gazeta”. For us, these publications are interesting as examples of propaganda materials distributed by Russian troops and collaborators in the occupied territories because they are direct evidence of the intention of the Russian Federation to destroy Ukrainians as a nation.

The journalist also handed over the chevrons of the “military intelligence of the LPR” and the “Zarya” Luhansk People’s Liberation Battalion discovered in September 2022 in the Donetsk region.

We are sincerely grateful to Bohdan Kinashchuk for the donated artefacts.

At the same time, we remind everyone who cares that the Holodomor Museum collects Russian propaganda printed materials distributed in the occupied territories of Ukraine, in particular:




literature, etc.

These materials often contain fake and propaganda messages about the so-called “denazification” and “demilitarization” of Ukraine, and they are evidence of the Russian Federation’s intention to destroy Ukrainians as a nation.

The collected materials will be part of the Museum’s funds and will become the basis for scientific research, in particular, for substantiating the genocidal nature of Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

If you can share such items, please write to us at [email protected] or call the Museum at (044) 254 45 12.