The National Museum «Holodomor Victims Memorial» was visited by Inga Imanbay, the journalist from Kazakhstan

25 July 2018

National Museum «Holodomor Victims Memorial» was visited by the Kazakh journalist Inga Imanbay in the framework of the creation of the movie about the Holodomor in Kazakhstan in 1932-1933 (author of the film – an independent journalist Zhanbolat Mamay). She visited the exposition of the Hall of Memory and the territory of the Memorial, and also interviewed a leading researcher at the museum’s research department Professor Arsen Zinchenko.


During the conversation, the guest was interested in the question of recognition of the Holodomor in Ukraine as a genocide of Ukrainians and the public awareness of this national tragedy. She asked when the gathering of testimonies and scientific research on the Holodomor began, which government measures were taken to perpetuate the memory of the Holodomor victims, as well as the prospects of international recognition of the Holodomor as a genocide of Ukrainians. The subsequent activities of the museum and national institutions in the study of the Holodomor issue were also discussed during the interview.