TV channel 1 + 1 handed over the tapes with the Holodomor eyewitnesses’ testimonies to the Holodomor Museum

26 November 2021

TV channel 1 + 1, represented by TSN correspondent Alla Khotsyanivska, handed over to the Holodomor Museum the tapes with unique Holodomor eyewitnesses’ testimonies from the village of Peremoha (then Yadlivka), Kyiv region.

These records were collected by the village history teacher Viktor Nedbaylo back in the 80s. We managed to reproduce two testimonies of those events, in particular Paraskeva Kalyuzhna’s.

During the Holodomor, her entire family died – two brothers, a sister, and parents. These records were passed to journalists by the teacher’s wife Taisiia Nedbaylo.