We congratulate all Defenders and Defendresses of Ukraine on their holiday!

14 October 2022

Dear friends!

Today, one of the most important holidays of a country at war is the Day of Defenders of Ukraine.

This week we all felt rage and hatred because of the enemy’s massive missile attack on Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine. However, we did not feel fear, despair or confusion as we used to in February. Our enemies who were driven from Ukrainian land by our defender felt that.

Today we want to thank everyone who defends the Motherland with weapons in hand, plans operations that bring our Victory closer, and who is a reliable shield for all of Europe. Thank you for your courage and dedication. Thank you for the tears of joy of Ukrainians who meet you in liberated cities and villages. Thank you for the faith you inspire in all of us.

We know the price of future victory and a low bow to the bright memory of those who died for freedom and independence.

Respect to everyone who gave their life for Ukraine. Honour to all, thanks to whom Ukraine is and will be.

Thanks for the protection! Together for victory!