We invite you to the presentation of the book “The Lokhvytsia region: folklore and ethnographic studies and materials”

30 November 2023

On Tuesday, 5 December, at 3:00 p.m., the Holodomor Museum will host a presentation of the results of the research ethnographic project, which resulted in the publication of the scientific publication “The Lokhvytsia region: folklore and ethnographic studies and materials.” The expedition to the region took place in 2020 at the initiative of the public organisation “My Province” with the participation of the staff of Rylsky Institute of Art Studies, Folklore and Ethnology. Work continued for three more years on creating a thorough edition of 556 pages. As a result, a detailed ethnographic portrait of the region, recorded from the inhabitants’ words, was obtained.

The researches visited 23 settlements of the Lokhvytsia region and interviewed dozens of people. While collecting ethnographic material, the participants of the expedition recorded the historical memory of the region.

“One of the central events that sharply turned the life of the Lokhvytsia region and changed its identity was the Holodomor, which we were told about, if not in whispers, then with a change of tone, as if mentally falling into another, scary world. Further research on this matter has become a matter of honour for our team and local researchers, so we decided to start a separate project, for which we concluded a memorandum of cooperation with the Holodomor Museum, and we want to share our first developments in this regard, talk about the Lokhvytsia region, and encourage other communities to take the initiative into their own hands and explore their past,” says Yanina Aleeva, head of the NGO “My Province”.

As part of the presentation, you will:

witness the transfer to the Museum of materials collected during the expedition;

hear the stories of project participants and their personal family stories;

learn how to order a book for your own library;

see an exhibition of artefacts from the Poltava region, which are in the Holodomor Museum funds;

hear the real voice of the Lokhvytsia region – folk groups will participate in the presentation.

When: 5 December 2023 at 3:00 p.m

Where: Hall of Memory of the Holodomor Museum (3 Lavrska Str.)

We invite everyone!

To participate, please register: http://surl.li/nruku.

Additional information: +38 067 725 52 41