We invite you to the “Tree of Life” master class

20 May 2024

On Saturday, May 25, at 12:00 p.m., the Holodomor Museum will host a “Tree of Life” master class.

Spring is in full swing: the trees have turned green in full force, and the birds are singing the best songs. How about creating your family tree with birds using the punching technique?

Already this Saturday you will have the opportunity to:

get to know the traditional Ukrainian family symbols presented in our exposition,

to see the most valuable exhibits of the museum – the relics of the families that escaped during the Holodomor,

get information on how you can research your family history.

create your family tree using the ancient woodblock printing technique.

To register, go to the link https://forms.gle/7qg4jt7X7nv7rL7P6, send us a private message or call (044)-254-45-12

The cost of making one family tree is UAH 280 (visiting is possible both individually and as a family of up to 4 people).