Why is Russia killing us: an interview with Professor Dmytro Bily

4 May 2023

The head of the Holodomor and mass man-made famines research department of the Holodomor Museum, Dmytro Bily, gave a long interview to the Svoi YouTube channel, where he talked about the historical component of the policy of Russian cruelty and the desire to enslave and oppress other peoples.

If we look back over the past centuries, we will see that Russia has repeatedly entered the path of terror against Ukrainians. The Holodomor, mass deportations, and murders are common practices of the imperial government first, then the Soviet government, and finally Putin’s. Why Russia hates Ukraine so much, why they are destroying us and what the roots of this brutality are – Svoi discussed with Dmytro Bily, the historian and Kuban researcher at the Holodomor Museum.

00:00  What is the video about?
01:21    Russia’s cruelty does not surprise me
04:29   Humanism did not win
06:30   Important painting “Genocide 1933”
12:45    I was considered a megaloman
13:33    Is Russia similar to ISIS?
16:45   Occupation is a repetition of slavery
19:48   Black boards
22:51   Why do they want to destroy us?
26:57   The existence of Ukraine is a challenge to Russia
30:23  Revolution in the Kremlin
33:30  The Yakuts have no pride
35:20  Ways compare themselves to God
38:12  Holodomor artefact – a wedding shirt
41:30  Why war is genocide
46:07  Holodomor in the Ukrainian Kuban
49:45  Kuban is an anti-Soviet centre
51:27   How many died of hunger in the Kuban
52:42  Till the monster is alive, there is a threat