A book about Holodomor was presented in Italy

20 February 2019

On February 18, 2019, a presentation of the Italian-language edition of “1932-1933. The Holodomor, the Chronicle and the History of Genocide” was presented at the Manzoni Lyceum, according to the official website of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Italian Republic.
The presentation was attended by: Ambassador of Ukraine to Italy, Consul General of Ukraine in Naples, Mayor of Caserta, director of Madison Liceum, academics and students.
For many students presented information about the Holodomor was still unknown. Yevhen Pereligin, Ambassador of Ukraine to Italy, emphasized the importance of preserving the memory of the Holodomor to prevent the repetition of genocide crimes in the future.
We remind that on September 18, 2018, a writer and painter from Naples Sabatino Shia presented his works on Holodomor in Ukraine for the first time.