A map of Holodomor memories has been created

29 November 2018

Public activist Oleksandr Ivanov, administrator of Ukrainian Wikipedia and founder of the project “Speak Ukrainian”, created an online map of Ukraine with materials related to the history of the Holodomor.

Oleksandr says that he took the materials from the largest resources with thematic journalistic materials and reports – Radio Svoboda, Ukrainian Week, Gazeta.Ua and Golden Lion channel on You Tube, and organized them into an interactive map. The map presents three types of material – video, photo of the memorials and texts-stories.


The author explains his idea not only by its convenience, but also by the difference in the perception of information in this way: “The death of millions of people is perceived as statistics. The history of every person who survived the Holodomor is perceived as a tragedy.”


There are currently hundreds of charts on the map that can be viewed here.