Estonian Institute of Historical Memory invites young scientists to take part in an international competition for scientific research

14 October 2018

The Estonian Institute for Historical Memory invites researchers under the age of 35 to take part in an international scientific research competition on scholar works on communist ideology and various aspects of communist regimes.

The themes of the scientific works for participating in the competition must coincide with one or several areas of research:

–  the history of communist regimes and communist ideology;

– human losses as the consequence of the implementation of the ideology and policies of communist regimes (crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide);

– material and environmental damage caused by the ideology, policies and economic system of communist regimes;

– (both successful and unsuccessful) attempts by communist regimes to establish communist polities in other countries (export of revolution);

– the social, intellectual and spiritual legacy of the actions, ideology, and undertakings of communist regimes aimed at exerting influence in countries that have formerly been under the rule of communist regimes as well as in other countries.

Scientific works can be presented in Estonian, English, Russian, German, French and Finnish. If the document is in a different language, a resume is required in one of the above languages. Materials for participation in the competition are accepted from 1 to 31 October 2018.

Detailed information about the competition by the link.