European Memory and Conscience Platform Supports Communist Condemnation Appeal to Nuremberg Tribunal

9 November 2019

On November 8, the Senate of the Italian Republic made an appeal to the Nuremberg Tribunal to condemn the crimes of communism.

The initiator of this international initiative was Renato Christine (University of Trieste, Italy), who decided to continue the work of dissident Vladimir Bukovsky (author of the text), who sought a historical and moral condemnation of communism and compared it with Nazism.

It is symbolic that the Petition was tabled in the Senate on the thirtieth anniversary of the demolition of the Berlin Wall.

The appeal receives great international support. Among the first 200 signatories are Antonio Tajani (former president and currently member of the European Parliament, Italy), Professor Stephane Courtois (historian, author of the Black Book of Communism, France), Robert R. Reilly (director of the Westminster Institute, former director of The Voice of America), Mart Laar (former prime minister and Chairman of the supervisory Board of the Bank of Estonia), Erhard Busek (former vice-chancellor of the Austrian Republic), Vladimir Kara-Murza (Chairman, Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom) and many others.

The European Memory and Conscience Platform, the member of which our museum is, supports this initiative.