Holodomor Remembrance Day to be celebrated in Toronto

15 November 2021

Toronto Ukrainians will join the Holodomor Remembrance Day on Saturday, November 27. The mourning event and memorial service will begin at 3:00 pm near the Holodomor Memorial. It was announced on Facebook by Javier Aponiuk Savych, a member of the board of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress  – Toronto.

He added that because of the lifting of restrictions on the pandemic, the department invites all members and organizations of the Ukrainian community and their leaders, representatives of the city, provincial and federal authorities to participate in this important event.

It should be recalled that the Holodomor Memorial in Toronto was opened in October 2018. It is located on the territory of the Canadian National Exhibition (Exhibition Place) near the airport of Toronto and the waterfront of Lake Ontario. At the center of the memorial composition, there is a sculpture by Ukrainian artist Petro Drozdovsky Bitter Memory of Childhood.This sculpture connects the Toronto Memorial with other similar monuments in Ukraine and other countries.