Holodomor Victims Memorial Day (2015) "People of Truth. Let the World Know Their Names"

30 November 2015

On November 28, 2015, in Kyiv, other cities of Ukraine and abroad, mournful events were held to commemorate the 7 million Ukrainians – victims of the Holodomor. In the capital, the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko and his wife Marina laid flowers at the monument to the Holodomor victims on Mikhailivska Square. At 4 P.M. on the territory of the Memorial to the Holodomor victims, the guarantor announced a nationwide minute of silence in memory of the Holodomor victims, after which the action “Lit the Candle” started. With the special gratitude were mentioned on this day people, who were not afraid to tell the truth about the murder of millions of Ukrainians by famine in 1932-1933.