How to deliver humanitarian aid to Ukraine

16 March 2022

Meest has launched a free delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine from Europe and North America.

“Meest accepts help from everyone. To send humanitarian aid, you need to contact one of the offices in the United States, Canada, Italy, Poland, Greece, Great Britain, Germany, or France. As soon as possible, the company organizes the transferring of aid to organizations responsible for its distribution in Ukraine, “the company said.

Requirements for packaging humanitarian aid:

packaging can be cardboard or plastic;
maximum weight of each package – 30 kg;
it is necessary to pack goods separately by categories;
an A4 sheet with a detailed description of the box contents must be attached to the packaging with humanitarian aid;
it is not necessary to indicate the address of the recipient in Ukraine. All humanitarian aid will be delivered to the company’s warehouse in Lviv and distributed among various accredited organizations in Ukraine, which collect and distribute aid where necessary.