Let’s record crimes against cultural heritage committed by the Russian occupiers!

10 March 2022

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine has created a resource for documenting war crimes against humanity and cultural heritage sites committed by the Russian army.

This evidence can be used to prosecute those involved in crimes at the International Criminal Court in The Hague and the special tribunal after its establishment. Submit videos and photos, as well as any information at this link. Here you can also view crimes that have already been recorded.

Examples of war crimes

️⚠️ Damage to ancient buildings (architectural monuments), historical cemeteries, monuments, religious buildings, works of art, natural monuments, buildings of cultural institutions – theaters, museums, libraries, etc .;

⚠️ Destruction of archeological objects – mounds, ramparts of ancient earthworks, excavation sites, etc .;

⚠️ Facts of injury/death of civilians as a result of the use of force and weapons by the occupier in an attempt to damage cultural objects;

⚠️ Seizure of property, looting by the occupying forces of museums, libraries and other cultural institutions;

How to document?

  1. Make sure the situation is safe
  2. Take photos and/or videos – capture the general appearance of the damaged object and the situation around the object, if possible – specific damage