Photographs that are not images of the Holodomor

7 March 2024

In mass media and educational materials about the Holodomor, we often come across the reproduction of photos that have nothing to do with the Holodomor. But currently, it is more dangerous than ever to underestimate the quality of illustrative material — it can lead to provocations and reputational losses.

We have compiled a selection of photos that are mistakenly interpreted as photos of the Holodomor. But it is not so! Look carefully at the pictures so as not to mislead yourself or others.

And always check the original source! If you click on the photo with the right button of the computer mouse, the option to search for the photo via Google will appear. Click “find source” and get information about the photo. Be careful and responsible when illustrating the Holodomor theme!

Source: Oksana Yurkova, LIKBEZ.