The Art Book devoted to the Holodomor Was Recognized as the Most Beautiful Book at the Book Arsenal

25 May 2019

The winners of the 4th contest for the best book design in 2019 were announced by the organizers of the Book Arsenal and the representatives of the Goethe-Institut in Ukraine. This year’s Grand Prix competition was given to the edition MARIA by Lesia Maruschak, a Canadian artist of Ukrainian origin, (artistic implementation: Illia Zhekalov). The same book won in the Experiment category, informs

Lesia Maruschak’s book reveals the intellectual and emotional reaction of the author to story of the Holodomor, based on research materials and testimonies of survivors who are now part of the Ukrainian community in Canada, in which the artist grew up.

“Maruschak has transformed her knowledge of this period into the art book. This is a metaphor for memory, the process which is regarded not just as a simple reminder, but as a complex mental function by which information is constantly stored, organized, modified and restored,” Alison Nordström, an expert in photography said.

Photo credits: REDZET Publishing House.