Ukrainians in the New Zealand joined an international action "Lets lit a candle of memory"

15 September 2018

“Ukrainians from Oakland, New Zealand joined the International Memory Action of the Holodomor Memorial in memory of the killed during Holodomor-genocide, is reported on the Facebook page of the Association of Ukrainians of New Zealand.
Auckland “handles” a symbolic candle to Sydney, where on September 16, large-scale events will take place with the participation of representatives of the Ukrainian Embassy in Australia and the Ukrainian community of New South Wales.
We remind that on September 12 and 13 The action was held in Russia.
On September 11, the marathon “Lets lit a candle of memory” campaign was accepted by Uzbekistan.
On September 10 The action was held in Kazakhstan.
On September 9 The action was held in Azerbaijan.
On September 8 The action was held in Australia, Belarus and Senegal.
On September 7 Action “A candle of light was lit!” was held in Armenia and Mozambique.
Also, the action was joined by Beijing.
The Ukrainian community in Jordan honored victims of the Holodomor-Genocide.
September 2, 2018, the International action “A Candle of Light” was held in Turkey.
On September 1, the action “A Candle of Light” began at the National Museum “Holodomor Victims Memorial”
You can watch a  85-day campaign here.