Why do the perpetrators of the genocide deny it: a lecture by historian Andriy Kozytsky.

2 June 2022

An essential and indispensable feature of genocide is its concealment by the perpetrators. Andriy Kozytsky, Associate Professor of the Department of Modern and Contemporary History of Foreign Countries, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Fellow of the Holodomor Research Institute, Candidate of Historical Sciences, emphasized on it during his online lecture “Why did the communist regime hide the truth about the Holodomor of Ukrainians in 1932-1933?”

“American researcher of the theory of genocidal violence Gregory Stanton proposed a scheme of eight stages of genocide,” says Andrew Kozytsky. – Mandatory steps are preparation for genocide and appropriate action after it. The last stage of genocide, according to Stanton’s theory, is denial. Indeed, all the perpetrators have consistently denied they committed such a crime. The Communists, of course, were no exception. “

This is exactly the scheme used today by the Putin regime, which commits genocide in Ukraine and denies it.

In addition, from the lecture, you will learn:

How many Holodomors did Ukrainians experience in the 20th century?

Why did Stalin exterminate Ukrainians?

How did famine become an instrument of genocide?

When did the preparations for the genocide of Ukrainians begin?

Why did Western countries remain silent during the Holodomor?

What were the consequences of the Holodomor genocide?

Why did the Communists conceal the truth about the Holodomor?

You can watch the lecture at the link.

Knowing the past, we better understand what is happening today.