Educational class the “Art” of Propaganda: Poster vs History”

6 November 2023

The educational class “The Art of Propaganda: Poster vs. History” was created for schoolchildren in grades 8-11 and is dedicated to the analysis of one of the types of visual sources, namely the propaganda posters of the USSR of the late 1920s and early 1930s. Studying the posters, schoolchildren will compare them with photographs of a similar topic, taken around the same time, and memories of Ukrainians who experienced those events. A total of six topics are presented:

anti-religious propaganda;



work on collective farms;

payments for working days;

grain procurement.

Thanks to the posters, you can see what was in the centre of attention at the time and what messages were trying to impose on society. A comparison with photographs and memories helps to understand what really happened under the guise of slogans and bright images.

The class is useful for today’s teenagers, as it teaches them to analyse visual sources, especially of a propaganda nature, to compare information from different types of visual sources, and to be critical of ideas and messages imposed by propaganda. Such skills are crucial not only for successful schooling and passing the history exam (among its tasks is the ability to analyse posters, photos, and caricatures from the times of the USSR) but also for the ability to resist modern Russian propaganda.

We recommend the educational class for teenagers in grades 8-11.

Class price: UAH 140 for a group of up to 5 people, UAH 340 for a group of up to 12 people, and UAH 570 for a group of 13 to 20 people. Also, participants must additionally purchase entrance tickets to the museum (for schoolchildren — 15 UAH, for students — 20 UAH, for adults — 30 UAH).

Phone numbers for registration:

(044) 254-45-11 / (044) 254-45-12

Email: [email protected]