Educational Lesson “LOOK INTO HISTORY THROUGH PHOTO” (for Grades 5–8)

Educational projects 29 November 2019

Participants conduct historical research, analyzE photographs as historical sources, and work with the Holodomor witnesses’ testimonies. The lesson helps students understand how the Soviet government committed genocide in 1932–1933.

When choosing a role, teenagers perform different tasks, all involved in group work.

The basis of the lesson are discussion, analysis of sources, and summarization of new information. As a result, students “write” a comprehensive story about the genocide of the Ukrainian people. One of the main goals of the educational activity is to encourage students to explore their family photo archive and their family history during the Holodomor.

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The price fir the interactive lesson is UAH 160 for a group of up to 12 people, and UAH 230 for a group of 13 up to 20 people. The participants should also buy entrance tickets.