Master class “Tree of Life”

13 May 2023

Each family story creates our common history of Ukraine. Now, we are actively interested in the origin of our roots, which is why the Museum offers a master class that will help you explore your family’s story, and look at family heirlooms and photos from your parents’ album in a different way. In this class, students will create a family tree using the ancient woodblock printing technique.

At the same time, the participants of the master class will get acquainted with traditional Ukrainian symbols – the family tree, and the Christmas spider – and will find their image in the interiors of our museum.

In addition, this is a unique opportunity to see the most valuable exhibits of our museum – heirlooms of specific families that had been kept in families for many years and passed down from generation to generation. Each of them has an interesting story, memories and people who come to life in these memories.

We invite adults and families with children aged 7+ to the master class.

The cost of making one family tree is UAH 280 (visiting is possible both individually and as a family of up to 5 people).