Архівне фото старої вулиці Києва

Track Holodomor History

18 September 2020

Discover the history of Kyiv during the Holodomor with the Track Holodomor History app. It will take you to the capital of Ukraine in the early 1930s and tell the story of the city during the Soviet genocide of Ukrainians. How much was the bread, and how long did it take to stand in line? What rations did the factory worker receive, and who was not entitled to food? What did the black flag hanging on the house mean? Get acquainted with the history of the Holodomor genocide,

– looking through the pages of Kyiv’s locations – houses, streets, parks, buildings – and reading their history of the Holodomor years;

– reviewing archival photos, videos, documents on the history of the Holodomor;

– getting acquainted with the memories of Kyivans about life in Kyiv from 1932-to 1933;

– paving your route through locations and passing them or using already created routes;

– discovering “additional content,” which becomes available only within 400 meters from the location.

The application is available in Ukrainian and English. Among the hundreds of tourist routes in Kyiv, choose the one that will reveal the unknown history of the city during the Holodomor, together with the mobile application Track Holodomor History. Why? That this never happened again. The project was created by the Holodomor Museum with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

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