A curatorial tour of the exhibition “The things which cannot be thrown away”

22 June 2023

In the exposition of our exhibition “The things which cannot be thrown away,” you can see a spoon that belonged to Anastasia Vasyliuk from the village of Mynkivtsi, Andrushiv District, Zhytomyr Region.

During the Holodomor, it lay idle because there was nothing to eat. Ms Anastasia left a spoon in memory of her niece Maria Tivodar with the words: “This spoon rested during the Holodomor, use it always, so that it never rests with you, so that no one knows such grief again.” Later, the new owner handed it over to the Holodomor Museum.

Read more about the story of Anastasia Vasyliuk here

You can learn more about this and other exhibits during the curatorial tour, which will be conducted by the deputy head of the exhibition and exposition department, Maryna Bohush.

The excursion will be held on Sunday, 2 of July, at 3:00 p.m. (Holodomor Museum, 3, Lavrska Street).

The price is UAH 55 plus an entrance ticket.

Please pre-register using the link: http://surl.li/ihfiz.