Press conference “Representation of the Holodomor: achievements and challenges – 2022”

30 November 2022

Ukraine met this year’s Day of Remembrance of Holodomor victims during the war conditions. Since the criminals went unpunished after the genocide of 1932-1933, Russia, as the legal successor of the USSR, continues its bloody imperial policy. The staff of the institution will talk about how the Holodomor Museum adapted to new circumstances and how the Holodomor topic became relevant among Ukrainians and foreigners as a result of the full-scale war at the press conference “Representation of the Holodomor: achievements and challenges – 2022”.

When? December 1,  at 3 p.m

Where? Ukrainian Crisis Media Center (Kyiv, Ukrainian House, 2 Khreshchatyk Street).

The event will be broadcast online on the UACrisisMediaCenter YouTube channel:

Speakers of the event:

Maryna Bohush, deputy head of the exposition and exhibition department, will talk about the peculiarities of the visual representation of the Holodomor theme during the war conditions and about interaction with world organizations and cultural institutions.

Andrii Ivanets, candidate of historical sciences, and leading researcher of the Holodomor Research Institute, will talk about the International scientific and practical conference “Genocide as a weapon in the fight against the Ukrainian nation in the 20th-21st centuries: interdisciplinary approaches” and the role of scientific research in understanding and preventing crimes, which are committed by totalitarian and authoritarian regimes.

Yana Horodniak, head of the excursion and educational department, will talk about the educational activities of the Museum in the conditions of a full-scale invasion and new educational projects that were implemented after February 24.

The task of Russia’s war against Ukraine from the viewpoint of the aggressor state is the destruction of the Ukrainian nation and the Ukrainian state. The genocide of 1932-1933 and the genocide that Putin’s regime is creating before our eyes have many parallels.

In this light, the task of the National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide is to bring the truth about the Holodomor and repeat that unpunished evil will continue to commit crimes as long as the totalitarian regime itself exists.

For additional information, contact the Museum’s communications officer, Olha Yurchuk: +38 (099) 760 97 26, or the Museum’s e-mail [email protected]