Частина картини, жіночі руки у вишиванці притискають до себе дитину

“Year 1933. THE WAY HOME”: an Exhibition about the World-Famous Ukrainian Viktor Cymbal and the First Painting Protest about the Holodomor

13 July 2020

“Year 1933. The Way Home” is a story about Viktor Cymbal, art, the Holodomor and “Year 1933”, which is the first painting about the genocide of Ukrainians. About an emigrant artist who, living on 3 continents and in 5 countries, has always remained a Ukrainian, and about an important work of art that Ukraine has never seen before.

While in exile in Argentina, he did not lose his contacts with Ukraine, so many of his works are dedicated to his Motherland. One of the most important, the painting “Year 1933”, will be exhibited for the first time in Ukraine. In addition, the exhibition will feature other works by the best graphic artist of South America, illustrator for General Motors, Ford, Shell, Kodak, Martini, National City Bank of New York, Nestle and a author of 200 articles Viktor Cymbal.

This is the first exhibition of the painting “Year 1933” in Ukraine and a large story about the artist’s life path.

The exhibition will run from July 16 to September 18, 2020.

The presentation for press will take place on July 16 at 11:00. If you are a journalist, please be accredited by following the link.

About Viktor Cymbal: The artist found himself in Czechoslovakia after the defeat of the Ukrainian National Republic army. There he obtained an academic education in art and won a graphics competition, but under the pressure of disturbing news he moved to Argentina, and in 1960 — to the United States.

The artist opened a Ukrainian school in Buenos Aires at his own expense, worked for the Prosvita Society, designed and wrote articles for Ukrainian-language newspapers, and made decorations for Ukrainian performances. An important part of Viktor Tsymbal’s life was raising funds in 1933 to help refugees from the Holodomor in the USSR. Ukrainians who managed to cross the border with Romania were threatened with repatriation to the Soviet Union, so financial aid certainly saved their lives.

About the painting: Started in 1933 and first presented in 1936, Victor Cymbal’s painting “Year 1933” is probably the first painting on the Holodomor.

During its first exhibition in 1936 in Buenos Aires, it caused a stir — supporters of communism protested outside the gallery. The painting is considered the pinnacle of the artist’s achievements in combination of a deep historiosophical content with a mature art form.

History of the painting’s return to Ukraine: On February 21, 2020, a solemn handover ceremony took place at the Consulate General of Ukraine in New York, during which Consul General of Ukraine Oleksiy Golubov received the painting, created in 1936, from UVAN President Albert Kipa. The painting was later transferred to the Holodomor Museum.