A lecture for Guides Guild Was Held at the Museum

20 August 2019

Every year, the number of tourists visiting Kiev is steadily increasing.

In 2018, two million foreign tourists and about three million tourists from other cities of Ukraine visited the capital, reports Anton Taranenko, head of the Department of Tourism and Promotions of KSCA.

How the guests will see the city depends not only on the weather or the architecture, but also on those people who will show it to them.

The Holodomor Museum pays great attention to collaborating with guides because information, its truthfulness and content depends on them.

Guides Guild members visited the museum for a lecture.

Olena Borysenko, Kyiv city guide: “It’s not the first time I’ve visited the museum, but every time I notice details that I haven’t seen before. Personally, what I am most impressed with is the movie ‘Covering the Holodomor: Memory Eternal’ – it touches my soul. Recently, I brought historian tourists from the UK to this museum. They thoroughly appreciated this movie.

The Holodomor is an event that has been hidden for a very long time.  Many people even from generations of, for example, my parents do not know much of it. It is good that we are already talking about it, and I hope that all generations will know about this genocide soon.”